PeerStream’s social video apps Camfrog and Paltalk will be among the first to integrate Props as their user rewards system. CEO Alex Harrington tells us why he’s so excited to offer users a financial stake in the Props and PeersStream network, and open up opportunity to all in the crypto ecosystem.


PeerStream has been heavily involved in the blockchain and crypto space for the last 2 years and recently a groundbreaking crypto project the Props Network. , PeerStream users the ability to earn tokens. CEO Alex Harrington sat down with us to discuss the significance of the first SEC-Approved Crypto token for consumers.

Keep your hands off my wallet! The Rise of Cybersecurity in the Blockchain Ecosystem

George Waller, CEO of BlockSafe Technologies and cyber security expert, sits down with Jeff Ramson,
CEO of PCG Advisory, Inc., to discuss growing concerns of hacking in the blockchain community and how companies like his own are creating new ways to protect the innumerable transactions happening every day in the digital securities space.

Ramson and Waller consider the incredible amount of money that changes hands through crypto
wallets, crypto exchanges, and permission-based blockchains. Waller reveals that, in 2018 alone, over
$1.3 billion dollars were stolen from token exchanges and the need for BlockSafe Technology’s Crypto
Defender will only become more necessary as digital securities expand. Ultimately, Waller hopes to
“make the world a safer place to compute.”

The Digital Asset Summit, Millennials, and Security Tokens

Mike Ippolito, Co-Founder of BlockWorks and creator or the Digital Asset Summit, sits down with Jeff Ramson, CEO of PCG Advisory, to discuss how BlockWorks came to fruition and why it’s important to have blockchain and cryptocurrency events, like Digital Asset Summit, that speak directly to financial market and investment professionals.

Jeff Ramson was particularly interested in Ippolito’s perspective on how Millennials are impacting the developing blockchain and digital securities space. Being a Millennial himself, Ippolito speaks to his generation’s experience watching a financial collapse and how this motivated them to build a system that’s more functional and trustworthy for the future.

Let’s Get Unbanked

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of the pioneering cryptocurrency lending network, Celsius, sits down with Jeff Ramson, CEO of PCG Advisory, to talk about the benefits of an “unbanked” society,  liberated from low interest rates and unjust financial institution policy.

Mashinsky shares Ramson’s vision that the future of banking is “for the people, by the people,” and claims that he has one central driving question in his life: “How are you gonna give more back?” Focused on building a community and then delivering a product, Celsius also gives an exclusive announcement about exciting changes to its future.

Jamie Dimon’s Shiny New Toy

In part two of this three part series with Alex Mashinsky, the CEO of Celsius talks with Jeff Ramson about the future of blockchain and coin investments as well as steering clear of those who claim to know which coins will really make it big.

Ramson and Mashinsky also address the need for next generation blockchains that will adapt towards specializations and dominate future crypto markets. But, most interestingly, they talk about JP Morgan’s new “coin” that is causing a stir in the blockchain market—if it even counts as a coin at all.

Trillions Unlocked

In the concluding portion of our three part interview with Alex Mashinsky, he sits down with Jeff Ramson, CEO of PCG Advisory, to talk about the unlimited potential of lending power through the process of tokenizing unique assets: everything from real estate to art, cars to stock is on the table.

Ramson and Mashinsky discuss the future of blockchain legal regulations, theorizing who is more likely to get there first and embrace cryptocurrency’s potential. While many claim that the crypto bubble will burst, Mashinsky believes this is a common misconception. The bubble set to burst isn’t with blockchain or tokens but with the increasing distrust of standard currencies, which could trigger a flood of new buyers into the crypto market.

Jeff Ramson and Lou Kerner discuss crypto and community


The Mission and Promise of Crypto Communities

Lou Kerner, CEO and Co-Founder of community-first VC company Crypto Oracle, sat down with PCG Advisory CEO Jeff Ramson to discuss the increasing importance of community within the growing crypto ecosystem.

Drawing on Ramson’s acute interest in the expanding potential of securities, Kerner delves into the undeniable advantages of cryptocurrency developments from the incentivizing potential of NFTs to new pathways for liquidity for private companies.

The Cutting-Edge Role of Digital Securities in Healthcare

Dr. Vishal Verma, founder of online healthcare management and reward ecosystem Mint Health, sits down with Jeff Ramson, CEO of PCG Advisory, to discuss the benefits of utilizing security tokens to allow providers, patients, and payers more control over comprehensive health management.

Because of Jeff Ramson’s deep interest in the potential uses of security tokens, he and Verma cover the broad potential of incorporating digital securities, like tokens and blockchain, into a healthcare system that gives power back to users and providers alike.

The Future of Secondary Markets for Digital Securities

When Laura Anthony, founding partner of Anthony LLP, a full-service corporate security and business transactions law firm, sat down with Jeff Ramson, CEO of PCG Advisory, tZERO was an incredibly hot topic. tZERO recently launched the first marketplace for security token trading and plan to open services to non-accredited investors.

Inherently decentralized and customizable, security tokens heavily influenced Jeff Ramson’s decision to join the world of Digital Securities. Jeff and Laura discuss the latest and hottest issues: company’s path to liquidity, accessing capital and creating smart contracts.