‘Security Tokens Realised’ Event in London Draws Mature Fintech Crowd


As originally published on: securities.io

The inaugural edition of ”Security Tokens Realised, a two-day event that ran in London from January 23 – 24, brought together a diverse group of 300 attendees representing investors (60% of attendees were investors according to the event organizer), STOs, token exchanges, VC funds, banks, market makers, fintech media, and brokerage and custodial services.

The Tokenist reported a crowd characterized by mature fintech professionals, some from London’s close by financial district, there either to support the security token industry itself or out of curiosity about all the excitement around asset tokenization.

The event included an organized STO pitch session. However, as reported by SecurityToken.it, Security Tokens Realised, unlike numerous crypto conferences held during the ICO craze, was not crawling with founders pitching their project to anyone who would listen. The article’s author, Jochem Gerritse, opined, “Security Token Realised brought professionalism into this space.”

Speakers and discussions panels focused on ways that security tokens can bring liquidity and overhead cost reduction to capital markets, the benefits disintermediation, and the potential for the security token phenomenon to disrupt traditional finance models.

Top event sponsors included Luxembourg-based STO platform Tokeny, London-based security token exchange Archax, South Korea-based blockchain technology company Kodebox(developer of Codechain, a purpose-built blockchain for security tokens), Israel-based diamond exchange CEDEX, Hong Kong-based security token exchange Anxone, and London-based compliancy and regtech service provider Compliancy Services Ltd. Notably absent from the event were Neufund and Securitize.

Media partners included Cointelegraph and The Fintech Times. Cointelegraph live-streamed the event and The Fintech Times hosted the world’s first security token awards contest, the ‘STRealised Awards.’

Next up in the event series is Security Tokens Realised Asia in Hong Kong, June 11 – 12, 2019.


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