Globex Debuts Its Blockchain Software Stack to Power Timeless Luxury Group’s Digital Securities Offering in a Series of Industry Firsts

New York, NY, April 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE Horizon Globex US, LLC (Globex), a SaaS business specializing in the development of proprietary blockchain software solutions that address the full life cycle of a Digital Securities Offering (DSO), today announced that Timeless Luxury Group AG, a Switzerland-based luxury rental and lifestyle products company, is licensing Globex’s full suite of blockchain software solutions to power its DSO. The Globex software applications used to facilitate the fund raise pursuant to Reg D 506(c) and Reg S exemptions include Tokenetics, KYCware, AMLcop, and Custodyware.

The Timeless Luxury Group DSO marks the first offering in the United States to use an SEC registered Transfer Agent for the issuance and custody of digital securities. Custodyware is being licensed by Timeless Luxury Groups’ designated transfer agent VStock Transfer, granting VStock the ability to custody Ethereum ERC-20 securities while compliantly maintaining the identity of holders to facilitate the future payment of any dividends in US dollars.

In another industry first, KYCware and AMLcop were integrated to onboard, verify, and whitelist investors through a smartphone app customized to match Timeless Luxury Groups’ brand, introducing the first investor on-boarding app with an integrated US Broker-Dealer Subscription Booklet and SEC Reg D 506(c) Investor Accreditation that streamlines the investment process.

“Compliance and security are of upmost importance for our digital securities offering,” said Michael Gössl, CEO of Timeless Luxury Group. “Licensing Globex’s software solutions enables us to compliantly expand our offering to US investors while delivering a secure, seamless, and on-brand investment experience for all our investors.”

Tokenetics, the underlying issuance and digital securities allocation system, was incorporated to create Timeless Luxury Groups’ ERC-20 based digital securities called TMLS Tokens, incorporating a range of features unique to the company’s offering such as round discounts and a dividend tied to future profits.

“While each of our products do operate as standalone solutions, their ability to seamlessly integrate with one-another offers an unparalleled user experience for issuers and investors across multiple jurisdictions,” said Brian Collins, CEO of Globex. “For the first time, a Reg D 506(c) and Reg S Digital Securities Offering is being deployed in the United States on a large scale with zero lag settlement, an explicit SEC aligned transfer agent role and future-proofing for secondary trading on US-regulated digital securities marketplaces.”

About Globex:
Globex offers a suite of integrated blockchain software applications for compliant issuance and secondary trading of digital securities. Truly a compliance-first business, our solutions combine Wall Street and Silicon Valley to power the next generation of exchanges and securities offerings in the US and around the world.

Current SaaS product solutions include digital securities issuance and transfers through Tokenetics (; white label investor onboarding and KYC identity verification through KYCware (; watchlist management sanctions and PEP screening through AMLcop (; and transfer agent custody tools through Custodyware ( All software applications can be utilized independently or integrate with one another. Learn more at

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