Digital Asset Summit 2019 Promises Incredible Speakers

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New York, NY, April 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Hosted by PCG Advisory Group, announces the release of its latest video interview with BlockWorks Co-founder, Mike Ippolito. Known for his outstanding achievements in the blockchain space, Ippolito is also the creator, along with his partner and Co-founder of BlockWorks, Jason Yanowitz, of the Digital Asset Summit happening in New York City, May 15th, 2019 at Cipriani’s on Broadway.

Ippolito takes time to highlight his background in the management consulting industry before his decision to create BlockWorks, a media and events company that strives to increase awareness and spur conversations around blockchain and cryptocurrency in reliable, responsible ways. Through hosting everything from private dinners to the Digital Asset Summit, BlockWorks helps financial market and investment professionals understand the growing digital securities space.

Aligning with Ippolito’s mission, the Digital Asset Summit (DAS) stands out from other conferences in the blockchain industry because it is specifically designed to speak to financial market and investment professionals who may be curious or hesitant to explore the digital securities field. This year’s DAS will deal with familiar concepts like “market infrastructure, trading and liquidity, and derivatives” all discussed in the context of distributed ledger technology and the emerging industry of decentralized finance.

In his interview with Jeff Ramson, CEO of PCG Advisory, Ippolito also takes time to discuss the role of Millennials and other young people in the blockchain and crypto space. Being a Millennial himself, Ippolito believes that witnessing a financial collapse motivated young people to get more involved in managing and monitoring their own finances. This leads to an interest in blockchain because of an innate desire to create or participate in a system more trustworthy and stable than the more traditional options of banking and investment we have today.

Through BlockWorks and events like DAS, Ippolito hopes to inspire and promote responsible conversations and participation in the digital securities space, bringing in people of every age and background into the conversation.

For more information about Digital Asset Summit 2019, you can visit the DAS webpage for a full list of events and speakers or register to attend here.

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